I was lost in your eyes,
Each time I look, my senses ignite,
Waiting for


Auld Lang Syne

Should Old acquaintance ever be forgot,
And never brought to mind;
Should new flames ever be sought,
And Old friends left behind:
Has thy lovely heart now gone numb,
That cheekish smile of yours;
That thou hasn’t just for once reflect,
On Auld Lang Syne.


“I loved you far and wide,

Across the world and to the sky;

I love you with all the seas

And stronger than the moon’s pull on the tides”.

Trip to Tartarus

Happy New year Guys if I haven’t said that already. To all my amazing readers that have one or two poems or poestories to offer, you can hit me up and i’ll be sure to Publish it. This is a poestory from one of my very good friends. Enjoy

My spirit longs for adventure
Sex, War, Love, Risk to Gore
Now is of the unknown
The set journey is prone